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CBS Sept. 11, 2001 8:31 am - 9:12 am

Published September 11, 2001

News from CBS 9, Washington, D.C. was recorded by the Television Archive, a non-profit archive. Video available as a loan (stream) only.

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Date: 2001-09-11 12:31:09 UTC
Air Time: 2001-09-11 08:31:09 EDT
Length: 0:41:41

Producer CBS 9, Washington, D.C.
Production Company CBS 9, Washington, D.C.
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Reviewer: AJRowe7 - - November 23, 2010
Subject: That one guy got what he asked for
What a horrible cooincidence. He says something to the effct that it's too quiet in the nation and something needs to happen. He really had no idea--wow!
Reviewer: ProfessorChaos - - September 15, 2010
Subject: The worst coverage of that tragic day
Bryant Gumbel asking the eye witness on the phone what makes her say that the SECOND plane flying into the tower was obviously deliberate was absolutely ridiculous. Seriously Gumbel.. perhaps another plane hitting the other tower less than 20 minutes earlier is a bit of a clue?? REALLY... might be just a coincidence, huh?? ABC, NBC & CNN.. in that order.. were ALL on their game. Not CBS, at least not while those tragic events happened. While it's interesting to watch the coverage by all networks from that day, it's also obvious which news reporters were up to the task.
Reviewer: morganjones65 - - July 9, 2010
Subject: Whatever you do
Early Show, 8:31 a.m.: " 'Whatever you do, do not open that door.' There's another line from Gene Wilder. (Laughs.) Peter Boyle with love and Ray Romano. Great show as well on Everybody Loves Raymond. Watched it flying out here on American Airlines. Let's show you what's going on around the country, kids, on this Tuesday, the night of the Latin Grammies. Sunny skies down through Texas....To the west of the country, no problem. To the east of the country, no problems except down in Florida, a little rain. Northeast we'll see a little rough seas along the New England coastline from that hurricane that's going away. Miles and miles of sunshine. Miles Davis. We're going to put Miles out there today. Nice as it can be across the Northeast. Rough seas still from the chop from that hurricane, but other than that it's kind of quiet around the country. We like quiet. Unless it's quiet. It's too quiet. That's a quick look at the national forecast. Here's an Early look at your weather."
Reviewer: ryans92 - - July 2, 2010
Subject: Decent, but what?
Overall, it was a decent broadcast of the day's events, but "Why do you say on purpose?" Um..what? WHAT! Are you fucking me? It's obvious! I could understand some confusion on the first tower, but there is simply no excuse for denial after the second plane hit. Absolutely none!
Reviewer: barticle - - January 11, 2009
Subject: Where's the movie?
So how do I view the movie? I have been clicking all over the screen to no avail. Who is covering up?
Reviewer: Conspiranuts get a life - - January 10, 2009
Subject: Who took my last truthful comment down
The ones who actually believe that U11 and U175 did not hit the towers when you had over 7 years to research and investigate, go out and buy "The Sun" or the "Inquirer" or similar and just stay home and read those fake fantasy stories. Those magazines are filled with bull just like what your type believe like "Giant beetle invades Michigan town and had baby lizards growing out of its stomach." Or baby kitten gives birth to a foriegn car on the east side of Kansas." Or wahatever the bull story is. Did you speak to the air traffic controllers? No you didn't. How about the family members who had REAL phone calls come down from REAL family that "EYE-WIYNESSED" Iranian or similar looking men with knives ect. ect. No, you didn't. You are all way behind. It's like you all have a learning disabilty big time. I know the rest of the true story. You don't. I advise you to look it up. OH, did you speak directly with coroner Wallace Miller?? No you didn't. All bodies Identified through DNA from U93 in Stoystown Pa where U93 crashed. Yes, Stoystown. Shanksville is 2 miles away. You didn't know that though did you?? I also know other eye-witnesses from that area and family members who cannot believe there are fake conspiranuts out there that actually believe there is a conspiracy about it. See, you brainless conspiraloons get your fake information from other fake conspiranut sites, and build your little fantasy world. Get a life and stop inputting fake information to innocent poeple for them to read and get sucked up with and worry about. I've cured thousands from getting sucked up with bull information and feel great when another sees the real truth.
Reviewer: Matt Nelson - - December 31, 2008
Subject: Mirrored
Yes, I downloaded all of the 9/11 TV archives and put them on my website in flash video:
Reviewer: karmapolice - - December 11, 2008
Subject: are delusional
Izzysykopth, your ignorance of the facts is exceeded only by your self-righteousness. Anyone who seriously believes that the government and news media was in on some great conspiracy, and the news footage was all fake or doctored, is in serious need of professional help. They have no facts, just conjecture based on nothing. They merely recycle the same stale theories that were originated on the web on that fateful day, with embellishments made as time goes on.

Conspiracy theorists are by nature a superstitious and easily manipulated bunch (ironically, they always claim that they are one of the few who was not manipulated). But you, Izzy, may even be beyond the help of any anti-psychotic medicine.

As for CBS' coverage, Bryant Gumbel made a fool of himself that morning after the second plane hit. When someone on the phone commented that it was obviously a terrorist attack, Gumbel replied "Why do you say a terrorist attack?"

Reviewer: izzysykopth - - July 8, 2008
Subject: Willful Ignorance
Anyone who thinks that these videos are real after reviewing them carefully needs an eye doctor. Some of us knew right away there was something fishy about this whole thing. In my case for example after 20 yrs as a Journeyman Ironworker I am not only aware bht INTUNED to this materials characteristics and behavior when subjected to heat so I knew as soon as the towers collapsed there was something besides an airplane involved. As did many demolition experts, engineers, pilots, firemen and scientists from all fields. Clinging to the notion that the media and the govt were not involved is pathetic, categorizes those that do as accessories after the fact and would be comical if not laced with such an exponetial amount of stupidity. Its not unproffesional for journalists to VERIFY facts, quite the opposite. If we had verified ALL the FACTS before going to war Bush and the neo-cons wouldnt be making war criminals out of every tax-payer. Bush's military records have been known for decades, maybe thats why Rather didnt need to wait for verification. I urge all who see the news clips to examine them carefully. They are FULL of anamolies that prove media involvement. They are not even good fakes. To say that ANY of the major media acted profesionaly is the most absurd notion anyone could possibly suggest in light of the video evidence and narrative provided on that tragic day. Warning to all fellow citizens of the US The most prolific killers since Hitler have infiltrated our government and are obsessed with destroying YOURS and MY freedoms. The evidence is abundant, overwhelming and irrefutable peace izzy
Reviewer: Emilyek_1 - - May 7, 2008
Subject: Video
Fascinating that the weatherman mentions flying in on American Airlines and says 'the country is quiet today'.
Reviewer: NAU99 - - January 6, 2008
Subject: CBS News Coverage on September 11th - Zero Hour
While I do believe that all news coverage on this day was pivotal with respect to how the United States (and indeed the world) reacted to the September 11th attacks, it was clear on 9/11 the degree of professionalism exhibited by ABC, NBC, CNN and the BBC was in an entirely different league from CBS. Bryant Gumbel and the CBS News organization was consistently running behind with respect to information by several minutes compared to the networks listed above. Dan Rather was repeatedly hesitating to report facts in the initial hours of 9/11 because he was repeatedly looking for "verification", a completely different philosophy than he took when attempting to report on George Bush's military records a few years later.

The idea that any type of "conspiracy" took place on this day with respect to government censorship or "creating" news on the day is a comical assertion at best - and criminal at worst. While individuals may have their right to practice free speech in this country, common sense should prevent individuals from offering unintelligible conspiracy theories. The idea that thousands of journalists would subject themselves to censorship and work together to manufacture news coverage would be a hilarious notion if it werent laced in such a high degree of stupidity.

Bad things happen in the world. These news networks did an outstanding job on a day when most of us could barely function - much less construct comprehensive analysis of the day's events.
Reviewer: deadinohio - - September 10, 2007
Subject: Fine Job by CBS
Excellent reporting...questions by Bryant Gumbel. Looking for FACTS. Fascinating that eyewitnesses saw the planes as "small." God bless all those still suffering from this day.
Reviewer: stevenwarran - - August 17, 2007
Subject: CBS Live News Coverage on September 11, 2001
Unless you were there first-hand, of course news coverage determined how we experienced September 11. In the case of the Pentagon, military authorities controlled every aspect, closing the highways, controlling the air space, and determining what journalists were allowed access. Many, many "pivotal" members of the media co-conspired with the authorities to present to the world a completely fictitious narrative of what was actually taking place that day. Some outlets, like the local CBS affiliate, were the most cooperative in telling the lies, consequently, on the surface, their coverage is richest in story-telling detail. On the network level however, professionals like Dan Rather, perhaps in reaction to what they perceived was taking place around them, were least cooperative. That he fell behind other sources by five or ten minutes speaks only to his integrity,

Now, six years later the unedited footage telecast that day is the primary source for identifying the criminals and conspirators who undertook the horrific terrorism of September 11, 2001. It is an unalterable record, waiting only for when our eyes are ready to open. has done an enormous service to our country, and to the universe, in maintaining and presenting it. I am grateful for their service.
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